Tips On How To Find Your Passion And Purpose

In your career as is with many things in life, there’s nothing worse than sitting day after day at a dead-end job, or worse, at a job that is sucking the life right out of you. If you’re working at a job or on a life path that you have no passion for, it is likely you won’t give it your all and have something to be proud of. Use these tips to help inspire you and give you a plan on how to find your passion and purpose in life!



Overcome the Fear of Change

Change is scary. Embarking on a new path is a daunting proposition. Humans are naturally hesitant regarding change.

Working on overcoming fear of change can help you find out what your passions are.  Gently remind yourself that without changing what is not working for you now, it will be difficult to discover your true passion and purpose later.




Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Definitely overused, but this phrase and its relevance is undeniable when attempting to find your passion. When we get too comfortable with where we’re at, it begins to hold us back because we do not grow. We do less risk-taking and become complacent which reduces are chances of growing.  It becomes an unending cycle for many.  You can start small, and keep building from there.

Never Stop Learning

Maintain a healthy curiosity about life and learning new skills. Learn new skills that are a bit outside your wheelhouse, but that you have an interest in.  Reach out to those in your workplace that have a job you would like to learn about. You would be surprised how much others like to share information about what they do. Be willing to volunteer for or take on new roles and responsibilities, join special project teams.  Read up about new skills during your lunch hour, or listen to audio books on your way to and from work. Taking action now to stretch and grow will not only start the wheels of change in motion, but you start to feel happier and more hopeful about your future.


Reach Out to Family and Friends

Sometimes we are not the best judge of what we excel at or what our strengths and talents are.  Especially if we’ve let our inner critic run rampant for a year or five. You have a sense of what you can do, but friends and family may see things in you that you never thought about or have talents you never recognized that you possess. Ask them what they think your skills and strengths are, and what they think you are good at. Their responses may surprise you and give you some great ideas.



Remember Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Over time, we ignore our dreams or put them on hold for an extended period of time for a myriad of reasons. Take the time to explore your forgotten dreams once again. Do some research. What would it take to realize your dreams? What would be the benefits of your dream coming true? How does it feel once your dream is realized? Make a step by step plan and begin.

Value of Volunteer Work

Is there a local non-profit organization that is aligned with your values that you could volunteer at or even work for?  It can be easier to gain experience in your passion through volunteer work.  In time, it may even turn into a position that pays a salary.  When volunteering your services, the organization is often more willing to train you in the skills you desire. The goal is to gain experience and knowledge, so salary could be secondary at this point.

Think Hobbies

Long ago, before we had internet and numerous selling platforms like we have now, it was much harder to make a living from a hobby. It is so much easier now to profit from hobbies. What hobbies do you have that you are passionate about? Do you write? Paint? Sculpt? Sew? Fashionista? Travel expert? Woodworking? Jewelry? Expert Gardener? Fitness expert? Raising Kids? Musician? Photography? Cosmetic expert? Home rehab or decorating expert?  Whatever your hobby is, you can make money doing it! The cool thing about this type of business model is you get to enjoy your hobby while making an income. Win-win!


Steps You Can Take Right Now

  • Write three new skills that you would like to learn and determine the steps needed to make them happen. Set up some goals and action steps required to accomplish these steps.
  • Ask two friends what they think you are good at. Do this with two family members as well. Write these all down and reflect on whether they are something you would want to pursue. Spend several days on this evaluation process.
  • Write down one hobby that you may have put off or forgot about long ago. As in the first step, write down what it would take to accomplish it.  You could also do this step by considering a new hobby that you’ve never thought about before, or a hobby idea that came from discussing your skills with family and friends.

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What are you passionate about?  What great things have you discovered on your own journey?  Share your story with us! 

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