How To Romance Your Man

When we think about romance, we have a tendency to put ourselves in the starring role in our romantic daydreams. Sometimes we forget that men can appreciate a little romance too, or we’ve forgotten how to romance our man. What we’ve seen in movies, magazines, and tv shows has shaped a lot of the ideas we’ve formed when it comes to romance. This has also had the unfortunate effect of creating a lot of pressure for both men and women.

Men really do appreciate spontaneous shows of affection from their significant other. Everyone enjoys feeling special, especially when it comes from their partner. If you’re fresh out of the kind of ideas that are sure to please the most stoic of lovers, try some of these tips on how to romance your man.

Give Him What He Needs

This tip isn’t meant to say that you should blindly serve your significant other. It’s not your job to fulfill anyone’s needs. However, finding ways to make sure your sweetheart gets the things he wouldn’t ask for or get for himself shows him that you’ve put him first and want to make sure gets what he needs. One example is when he’s working late to finish a deadline, have food delivered to his office so he has something to eat while he works. This is a great way to show you love and care about him.

Expressing Attraction

Men like to be reminded you still find them attractive as much as we do. They also appreciate it when you acknowledge their strengths.  Make sure to let him know you desire him and find him attractive.  Let him know you’re proud of him when he achieves a milestone at work or even let him know you appreciate him washing the dishes.  Remembering this tip will go far to help heat up the connection and intimacy your life.

Stay Aware and Pay Attention

It truly is the little things that matter in life- and in love! Over time, it is easy to tune our partners out.  But if we remember our goal here is to reconnect with and romance our man, we need to stay aware and pay attention. Make a mental note of things he may say in passing or an item he is interested in having. You can surprise him later with the watch he was admiring while waiting for you as you tried on clothes, or surprise him by purchasing the new cd by his favorite artist that he mentioned recently. Make him his favorite meal or that special dessert he loved when you were first dating.  He’ll be delighted that you remembered, and touched by your thoughtfulness.

Make A Grand Gesture

Little actions do mean a lot, but sometimes you need to take it to the next level. Occasionally, a grand gesture is needed. When the two of you are really starting to resemble “two ships that pass in the night”, it’s time to refocus your efforts on making your relationship a priority and plan a vacation!  Even renting an upscale room at a local hotel for the weekend can be a great mini vacation.  Getting away can have a huge positive impact on providing deep reconnection with your partner. So get out the maps and travel guides and plan that perfect and deliciously unexpected getaway!

Use all of these tips as a guide to creating your own unique ways of surprising and romancing your man.  Though he may be too stoic a guy to tell you, he’ll truly appreciate the effort.

What have been some of your most successful romantic gestures? How did your significant other react? Inspire us by sharing your story below!



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