Special Series: Enjoying Imperfection- Part Two

Living Your Best Imperfect Life

Now that you know what you need to begin living a more fulfilling life (courage, compassion and connection), here are some tips to put those traits into practice. The only way to get them is to experience them.

5 Tips for Living your Best Imperfect Life


Let go

living your best imperfect life

This is not the same as giving up. What you can choose to let go of is the expectations that others may have for your life. Set goals for your life and challenge yourself. But, do so with goals that satisfy how you see yourself living. Don’t use someone’s measuring stick to chart your path.

Love everyone, beginning with yourself

This is the biggest tip. Shaming and blaming ourselves and others, jumping on the bandwagon, trying to fit in and other actions stem from not wanting attention paid to our own flaws and shortcomings. Some people will compromise their values and beliefs to fit in and not be ridiculed by others.

What is the cost to your life? Is it worth trading in for the opinions of other people? Invest in yourself by taking the time to accept and love who you are. Then and only then can you find the perfect places to be and bring the people in to your life whom you truly “belong” with as an authentic “you”- not a version of you that someone else decides upon.

Forget perfection

It is a futile pursuit. Each person has their own vision of what’s important to their life. Your vision is the one to hold onto. Find ways to live your life around it. Share it with others. Be vulnerable with it. Find out how to be the best person that you can become in the time you have on this planet.

Transform yourself   living your best imperfect life

Everyone evolves over time. The person you were yesterday is not the person you will be ten years from now and that is how it should be. What it shouldn’t be is you chasing an unrealistic expectation based on society or friends who would rather you reflect them instead of who you are. If you desire changes in your attitude, your body, your career or your family life, do so from a position of acceptance and love of the current state of things and not to impress someone else. Choose to follow one of the best pieces of advice I received from my therapist mother:  “love yourself where you’re at right now.”

Trust yourself

Who knows you better than you? Take a step in a new direction. If it doesn’t work, then change course. Have faith and trust in the process that is your life. Take the time to get to know your likes, dislikes, dreams, hopes, what you find acceptable for your life and what you don’t. All healthy relationships with others stem from the one you have with you. It is hard to truly give to another person if you don’t first have these things within yourself.

People have a fascination with perfection. Instead of finding nirvana, most people find disappointment, anxiety, judgment and a face in the mirror that is not truly their own. Who you are is more important to life (yours and that of others) than trying to fit a certain shape or mold.living your best imperfect life

The world is waiting for you and your unique gifts, talents and presence. It would be deprived of a shining light if you sell yourself short by conforming to the wishes of the world instead of the God-given potential that is waiting inside of you ready to burst forth.

Living imperfectly is not a flaw but a privilege. When you embrace the courage to be free and present yourself as you are, then unconsciously, you give others the permission to be themselves as well. And that leads to a beautiful win-win for everyone.

What are your thoughts on living an imperfect life? How is your life beautifully “imperfect”?  Please join the conversation below by adding your comments.  I’d love to read your thoughts.


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